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At the heart of everything we do is our passion for making a difference to the local community and environment through our seasonal flowers. We are all about slow & organic growing that can be supported by anyone and offers individuals a chance to garden, supporting mental health, well being and progression in life.

Our flowers have more than just a pretty face, they go beyond decoration to making a difference.

As a Social Enterprise, we are committed to running a sustainable and community focused business. Our goal is to be able to create a location which is more than just a cutting garden, it is a safe space for people to come and enjoy the combination of the natural rural beauty of Cornwall and the relaxed organic vibe of the garden.

Beyond the Bloom has it's home at the Cornish Cutting Garden. It is our flower focused business, which has 3 fronts: Selling flowers, running workshops and providing seasonal wedding flowers to make your special day a sustainable special day!

All income will be invested in the growth of the business, providing more opportunities for volunteers or support days for individuals who want to join the Cornish Cutting Garden family.

Initially, profits will be supporting local charitable causes to further extend our pledge to be community focused.

We hope that you join us in any capacity, whether that be by sharing our social pages, buying our flowers or  coming to visit the garden (when it is safe to do so again!)

Lowena dhis



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