Bloom basics: how to care for your first flower garden

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Grow your own veg is a common past time and if you want to turn your green fingered hands to grow your own flowers the same rules apply.

We grow organically and our chickens and ducks are a valuable part of our war on pests, cleaning up the ground and allowing our seedlings to flourish. If you cannot invest in poultry, a late night or early morning forage for slugs and snails might become a regular part of your routine. Growing sacrificial plants like Lupins helps to find the pests in one place. I will often see my lupins shaking, then realise the ducks are on a feeding frenzy underneath.

Mulching your ground over winter will keep the soil warm and fertile, we use fresh poultry manure and let it rot down over the beds for spring time planting.

We tend to do a mix of in situ sowing and bringing on seedlings, insitu sowing can be hit or miss. We have more success with our seedlings but this is labour intensive. I do love self seeders and we have created gravel areas to encourage this.

Some type of small fence around your beds help with shelter and you can then net the beds to stop pests, though we struggle with our rabbit population.

Start small scale, successional sow and have fun arranging the cut flowers you grow; there is nothing quite like the achievement of bringing home grown flowers into your home.

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